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We guarantee that you won’t find a better price elsewhere, being on our website,

or by booking with us on the phone or by email.In addition, when you book directly with us we gift you a free visit of the castle !

Our margin is reinvested to best welcome you !

If you are looking to stay in the Loire Valley or at Gizeux’s Castle, contact us or book directly on our website! You will enjoy our passion, know-how, dedication and services at the best price !

Quick and easy booking !

Booking directly with us is quick and very simple, in addition we can guarantee that we won’t use your personal information to spam you !

We treat you !

Because we are convinced that you are our best ambassadors, we chose to treat you : discover our loyalty program with our club as well as our sponsorship program and the numerous advantages that go with it. Only for our direct customers. See the programe

Tailored service and easy cancelation !

We care about the privileged relationship we have with you, it allows us to better personalize your stay and experience with us. When you book directly with us, you have the guarantee of a tailor service. You can even cancel 48h before your arrival without fees !

We share profits with you !

Online travel agencies advertise prices “with no booking fees”, which obviously is a lie. What they don’t tell you is that we have to pay them a hefty commission. We rather like for you to pay les by booking directly with us !

To whom do you want to give your money ?

As soon as you look for a destination, the first results in Google will surely be the same companies’ adds. Multinational groups, some ranging in the billions of US dollars in benefits, who do not really care about your experience with us. We do ! It is actually our highest priority !